Where Shall We Go This Weekend? – Emily Gale

With a public holiday on Monday, this weekend is fifty percent longer for many people in Australia. For some, this means taking the opportunity for a mini-break. Airports are jam-packed with holiday-makers and on the roads the traffic is terrible! Personally, I prefer to travel via book.

Books can take us to so many places. If your local library is open today, why not pop in and grab a “mini-break” of your own.

Here are some destinations I recommend:

Row a boat in Cabbage Tree Creek, Queensland

My Brother Ben by Peter Carnavas is about brothers Luke and Ben who dream of owning a boat so they can explore every inch of the creek. Luke looks up to his brother Ben, and sees him as courageous, confident and strong. He wishes he could be more like him. But when he seesĀ Ben sneaking out at night, and spending more time with a new friend, Luke gets suspicious and tries to find out what’s going on.


Sneak onto a plane to Beirut, Lebanon

Huda & Me by H. Hayek is about six siblings whose parents have to leave them behind in Melbourne with their mean auntie while they travel to Beirut in Lebanon. But when things get too much, two of the siblings – Huda and Akeal – decide that there is only one thing left to do: make their own way to Beirut to tell their mum and dad exactly what’s been going on.


Hang out in a small town called Merri

All The Little Tricky Things by Karys McEwan is about Bertie, a girl who has just finished primary school and has just one summer standing between her and a big new high school in the city where she won’t know anyone. Her best friend tries to help by writing her a list of things she must tick off in order to prepare her for her new life.


Go back 40,000 years!

Wylah: the Koorie Warrior by Jordan Gould & Richard Pritchard is about a warrior called Wylah who is teaching the village children how to do cave paintings when she’s caught in a painting! When she escapes, her village is on fire, the people taken by dragons, and it’s up to Wylah to save everyone.


Where will books take you this weekend? Tell me in the comments.

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