Think It Up – Write It Down

During Term 3, WestWords undertook a residency with Year 4 students and their teachers from St Francis of Assisi Primary School in Glendenning. Undertaking the weekly workshops was the wonderful  Amelia McInerney.

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From the school:
“Amelia was able to connect with the students brilliantly. The experiences she provided were fun and eagerly anticipated each week, using writing prompts and processes that enabled students to view their world in a creative and expressive way. Students and teachers were encouraged to be ‘brave’ as writers and supported every step of the way. Value was placed upon the organic nature of the writing process and the development of creative ideas. It was impossible not to benefit from the process led by Amelia and both teachers and students have taken away not just the tools for what makes great writing but a positive mindset as well.”

WestWords would like to thank; from St Francis of Assisi Primary, Glendenning, Mrs Jennifer Bellenger, Principal, as well as Miss Karen Rutkowski, Miss Megan Moller and Mrs Grace Cavasinni, the Year 4 teachers, who welcomed us so warmly into their school and Mrs Nicole Sprainger, Teaching Educator, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, illustrator Wael Gouda, Luke Beeton and Hayley Lam from Sailor Studio who gave their creativity and expertise into the book’s design, of course Amelia, and the students themselves who brought all their enthusiasm and inspiration to create what you are about to read.

Amelia McInerney grew up in Melbourne but now lives in the lower Blue Mountains. She spends her days writing kids’ books, staring out the window thinking up stories for kids’ books, and occasionally just plain staring out the window. When she’s not writing, thinking or staring, Amelia enjoys doing yoga and snorkeling, but not at the same time because that’s really hard.

Amelia’s first picture book, The Book Chook , (Scholastic) was released this year and short-listed for Book of the Year in the Speech Pathology Australia awards. Her second book, Bad Crab (Scholastic) has just been released. Amelia has four more separate picture books coming out with Scholastic and Allen and Unwin and is represented by literary agent Jacinta di Mase.

Amelia has four chooks, three kids, two hermit crabs and a husband.    Amelia McInerney Author on Facebook  @ameliamcinerneyauthor on Instagram.

WestWords would also like to particularly thank Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta, the Cultural Fund of the Copyright Agency through the Writers in Western Schools project and the Australian Catholic University who support WestWords’ publishing program. Without their combined support we could not deliver beneficial programs such as this to the young people of Western Sydney.


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