Thanks, Lisa Nicol!

Thanks so much to Lisa Nicol for all the incredible material she put upĀ  on the blog during the month of April. She really is a powerhouse of information and energy, and so much of what she had to say was useful to writers of all ages, not just younger people.

So this month you’ve got me again. I’m James, and I am a program manager at WestWords, which means that I get to do all kinds of fun activities such as setting up the amazing new performance and event space at our WestWords office in Parramatta.

So I’m sure that any young readers will have noticed that over the last couple of years we’ve starting doing things differently, like doing our schoolwork and holding our meetings via computer screens. (Just in case you haven’t noticed, there’s been this thing called a pandemic, and this is the reason you’ve all been doing school at home, not because your teachers kept forgetting to switch on their alarms.)

Anyway, while this remote, Zoom this has been a bit annoying at times, it’s also been pretty great for people like us at WestWords, whose job is to help writers write better, and students learn better, and readers enjoy better books and stories. Why has it been great? Well, basically now that everyone has been through a couple of years of working from home, it means that when a school wants a particular kind of author to work with their students, those students are already used to learning remotely. So while it’s not ideal, it also means that while we were all locked up at home, the world was actually opening up a bit.

But the best thing about all this? It’s that I get to play with all these fun new toys, like 4K cameras, and lighting rigs, and wireless microphones, and recording suites. I’ve even been able to set up a podcast/recording studio, which (even though I didn’t pay for any of the bits and bobs) is pretty much mine to play with. Neat, huh?

So that’s one of the things I get to do. But I’m also a writer, and most of what I’ll be doing in the Clubhouse through May is writer-related. So check back often, comment and ask questions, and don’t forget that there are about five gazillion (yes that is a real number) archived posts from amazing writers such as RA Spratt, Jacqueline Harvey, Tim Harris, Belinda Murrell, Mick Elliott going back over a year, so get in there and have a poke around!

See you again soon!



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