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Hi WestWorders,

At times, writing seems like a glamorous job. There might be book signings, public events, promotional tours, posters etc. But the reality is, writing requires a certain level of discipline.

Much of a writer’s time is spent working on their manuscripts. This might involve several hours a day at the computer for months on end to finish a book. And then there’s the editing (which we’ll get to in another blog).

Here are some tips to help you be a disciplined writer.

  1. Switch off from the outside world

Everyone loves to spend time on their devices. I find that logging out of social media, putting my phone on the other side of the office, and closing internet browsers on my laptop is a good way to reduce distraction.

  1. Create a routine

Even if it’s only for ten minutes a day, finding a regular time to write can get you into a groove. It’s a good sign when writing becomes a habit. (It’s certainly a much better habit than picking your nose.)

  1. Write – even when you don’t feel like it

The best way to get started is to get started. You may not be in the mood, but forcing yourself to sit down and punch out a few words can soon turn into a productive session.

  1. Set small goals

By breaking large projects into manageable chunks, it can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.

As I write this blog, I’m on a tight deadline with my next book. I’m using the above tips myself to make sure things stay on track.

Which tip do you think will help you the most? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Joshua

    Hi Tim Harris,
    I think I like the first tip the most because if I have a game tab open, then instead of concentrating, I could of played, instead! So closing the tabs could make me more focused.

    • Tim Harris

      That’s a great tip, Joshua. There are plenty of distractions we can eliminate!

  2. Angela

    Hi, I think the two tips that will help me most is tip 2 and 4. Having a routine is making good habit for me rather than wasting time playing games and setting goals makes me a better and achievable person because I don’t like to fail and succeeding something makes me really proud

    • Tim Harris

      Thanks for checking out the tips, Angela. I’m so glad you could think about which tips might help you.

  3. Sophia Chen

    Hi, I like the fourth tip which is to set small goals because if you set some writing goals, it will challenge you to achieve them and it will improve your writing skills

  4. Evan Rusli

    I usually just try to write a story that I would read, which just makes me discipline myself really.
    I also use try to not write for more than 2 hours or so, to keep my quality of writing and focus well. The third tip is probably what I feel is what I’ll have to use the most as if I don’t feel like it I usually procrastinate writing.

  5. Veeva

    Hi Tim,
    I think the 3rd tip helped best because I normally only write when I want to, which isn’t very effective. So forcing myself to write is pretty helpful
    Veeva 🙂

    • Tim Harris

      Nice one, Veeva!


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