A Round of Applause For Tim, and Big Clubhouse News For May!

James here from WestWords, ready to change the towels, wash the dirty dishes and mop the Clubhouse floor.

Wow, what a month! Thanks so much to Tim for all his hard work, and for being so generous with his time! We really hope you all enjoyed “meeting” him and chatting with him, and we hope he’ll drop in again some time to say hi.

So, big news – the good times continue, because the guest blogger for May is (drum roll…) JACQUELINE HARVEY! Yes, that Jacqueline Harvey. The Jacqueline Harvey responsible for Clementine Rose, Alice-Miranda, and Kensy and Max! So don’t go anywhere, because the Clubhouse has a new resident, and she’s primed to give you all the best info about how she writes, even though she’s living in Queenstown, New Zealand for a few months. So watch this space – Jacqueline will be along very soon.



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