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Here you will find an interactive blog where you can chat with some of Australia’s very best writers and storytellers, hear what they have been up to and you can tell them about your stories. We have videos of some amazing writers reading from their latest books, writers and illustrators giving you in-depth tips and tricks for your writing and drawing, You can find out about competitions, read the work of other kids your age, there’s information about the after-school and holiday workshops we run. We have information for your parents about how they can use your Creative Kids voucher they receive from the NSW Government.

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The Blog

This month’s guest blogger:



Emily Gale

Emily Gale is a writer and editor who has worked in the book industry for 25 years in various places: publishers, a literary agent, a bookshop, and two school libraries. Meanwhile, she’s been writing novels across several age groups and has been shortlisted for various Australian awards.
Emily’s writing includes the YA novels Girl, Aloud (2009), Steal My Sunshine (2013),  I Am Out with Lanterns (2018), and its middle-grade companion The Other Side of Summer (2016), the narrative non-fiction Aussie Stem Stars: Gisela Kaplan (2021) and junior fiction Eliza Boom’s Diary (2014). Emily’s latest novel Elsewhere Girls (2021) is a time-slip written with her friend Nova Weetman, and her next is called The Goodbye Year (2022).

Watch and Listen


Narelda Joy draws MOONBEAM

Jack Heath reads from Kid President Totally Rules!

Meet the Bluenoses! From WestWords favourite, Martin Chatterton.

Pamela Freeman reads from Dry to Dry: Seasons of Kakadu

Liz Anelli shows you how to paint a stormy sky!

Mitch Vane draws TAMARA DOODLE!

Elizabeth Stewart shows you how to draw a funny dinosaur!

James Foley shows you how to draw THOR!

Nat Amoore reads from The Right Way to Rock


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